BTS' Sea Tells Us A Story of Destiny

I walked and somehow managed to reach the sea
At this sea, I see the beach 
Countless grains of sand and fierce, harsh winds–
I still see the desert
I drank you up, wanting to have the sea,
but I get even thirstier than before
Is this place that I’ve reached really the sea,
or is it a blue desert?

I don’t know, I don’t know
whether it’s the sea or a desert
whether it’s hope or despair
whether it’s real or fake shit
that this trial given to me now
I know I know
that I will overcome

I think positively, swallowing drily,
that even if I get anxious,
even if it’s a desert,
it’s the beautiful Namib Desert

This place that I thought was the sea was actually a desert,
and our second name was “idols from a small agency with no connections”
We were cut from broadcast countless times
To fill in for someone was our dream
Some said we won’t be able to make it big because we’re from a small company
I know I know

I know I know I know as well
The days when seven of us tried to sleep in one room
The faith we had before falling asleep that tomorrow would be different
The mirage of a desert
Though I could see its form, I couldn’t grasp it
I prayed that we would survive in this desert that felt endless
I prayed that it wasn’t reality
Eventually the mirage was caught by us and became reality,
and the desert we feared got filled with our blood, sweat, and tears to become the sea
But what are these fears among all this happiness?
We know too well that this place was originally a desert



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