Life Goes On — BTS’ Message of Hope Continues To Resonate

BTS in Life Goes On

It’s safe to say that millions and millions of people across the world have eagerly waited for BTS’ BE to come out. BE was exclusively self-directed by the members of BTS themselves. It wasn’t new learning how involved the members always were with their music and yet, somehow, this release felt different.

When questioned about the roots of this album at their live-streamed Global Press Conference, RM replied earnestly “The core of our message is that despite what happens, life goes on.” The leader continued, “We would always discuss what could we say now? What should we say now?”

BTS have been incredibly transparent with how they’ve felt and the profound impact they felt because of Covid-19. Stationed to perform in stadiums all across the world, BTS’ life came to a silent standstill when the pandemic continued to touch different parts of the world. The members had expressed anguish over how they lost their sense of normalcy and how they struggled to define the anxiety and fear they felt as artists and people.

Jin stepped forward to speak, his voice soft but his words heavy. “We were placed in a situation where everything had stopped. I feel like that the past one year went by in sadness and emptiness. We tried to express our honest thoughts in the album, that it’s okay and that we feel the same as you guys.”

And yet despite this profound confession, it is important to understand that despite the grief BTS had confessed in not being able to perform and see their fans, they knew their privilege and the tremendous impact of their words.

In a previous live stream, the members started to discuss what meaning they wanted their title track to carry. They decided on the messages of how “life goes on” or “carries on”. “We need to be careful though,” said Jimin. “Even something intended to be consoling can make someone feel worse.”

BTS in Life Goes On

With Life Goes On, BTS perfectly encapsulated what it meant to comfort someone even without truly knowing what every single one of us has gone through or who we even were.

The year 2020 had been easily tainted with a global pandemic that has left every single one of us reeling for a sense of normalcy. There is not a single person alive on our planet who has ever lived through an epidemic before us. It is easy to understand why so many of us, despite the people we were, despite who we were and where we lived, collectively shared that sense of anxiety. That sense of dread where we did not understand what we were going through and yet were expected to function normally as this had always been our lives.

The amount of stress and grief our bodies and minds have been put through such a dreadful time is terrifying. The fact many of us haven’t been able to hold the people we love or perform minuscule tasks that we would have never looked forward to last year is proof of how drastically all our lives have changed.

BTS have always been open about how they’ve felt. And the fact this honesty has comforted people all over the world can be noticed with no surprise.

When one first watches Life Goes On, you immediately notice how personal and “BTS-eque” the whole video really is. The music video directed by member Jungkook, who’s known for his incredible videography titled G.C.F or Golden Closet Film was given control to direct the music video. In his live stream, he said that the fans would be able to point out every scene he had taken. Watching the video, you realize he isn’t wrong.

Director Jungkook

The members of BTS are seen longingly looking out at the sky, almost as if they were holding themselves back from stepping forward. RM reaches forward to wipe the dust off his bicycle. Jungkook looks out of the window and turns back to smile at member, Jimin. You see V driving through the streets of Seoul and realize he’s staring longingly at Seoul’s Olympic Stadium — which was where BTS were set to perform at the beginning of their tour.

“Like an echo in the forest, the day will come back around,” BTS say in their chorus as they lean against one another, “As if there’s nothing happening, yeah, life goes on like an arrow in the blue sky. Another day flies by, on my pillow, on my table. Life goes on like this again.”

The boys are seen driving out of the city into a recluse where they spend time with each other and laugh in delight. They fool around and take photos of each other, smiling in delight. It is obvious, even as a stranger, that the love and adoration they have for each other is true.

The most stunning revelation is when Jin closes his eyes and opens them to the Korean septet performing in an empty stadium. Smiling gently at the camera, the boys pour out their souls. “Life goes on like an arrow in the blue sky,” They croon. “Life goes on like this again.”

BTS for Life Goes On

It is most obvious than ever how BTS wanted this album to offer nothing less than hope and consolation for anyone who wanted to listen to it. Listening to Life Goes On was enough to understand the significance behind those three words.

The BTS members have always poured all their love and warmth into every single thing they've ever created and yet this album seems more personal. It is BTS opening their door and telling us to come inside even though you were sure a door never existed.

Suga spoke of how they wanted to reiterate the message that it wasn’t any of our faults, that there were so many stories to be told, and listening to Life Goes On, you know it’s true. Life Goes On is described to be an alternative ballad but a more accurate description would be how it is a song one must listen to when they simply want to understand.

The profound significance behind Life Goes On was felt by many. In their press conference, Jin said he hoped that people could relate to BE, be comforted, and comfort others. It is not a superficial promise of how our life will turn well miraculously overnight.

It is a gentle reminder that what we feel is the byproduct of what it means to be human. That it is okay to feel what we do and to understand why we feel what we do. It is a gentle reminder that we are not alone and what we feel makes us incredibly human and that is profound.

It is a gentle reminder that life goes on and it’ll continue to do so but we never have to be alone.

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